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Welcome to The Water Source!  Whether you were referred here by a healthcare professional, a friend, or happened to get here via search, I am very pleased that you have taken the time to visit this website and to learn about what Dr. Mu Shik Jhon believes has "the greatest impact of health than any other single thing." We have taken great care to provide you with the best possible information on THE most important topic to your health. Approximately 99% of the molecules in your body are water molecules, and to neglect water when it is literally THE element of life, is to put your health and longevity at risk.           

I am sure you have at least a few concerns about the quality of water you drink, and you are absolutely correct in searching for the best available information. I am sure you will find the broad array of quality information about water found here to be of assistance in your search, as we continually expand and update the information. And that's just not information about structured water, but information about chlorine and fluoride, the spiritual aspects of water, how and why structured water enhances weight loss, reduces addictive cravings, aides in meditation and alternative healthcare treatments, and many more topics of interest.

We are here to give you honest, objective information first and foremost! Yes, we sell water structuring and other related products, and have a growing product list for your consideration. But when we don't have the product you may be looking for, if we are aware of it and like it, we will still describe it to you and tell you how and where to get it! A few of our products we manufacture ourselves, and there are several items you will find only here. But first and foremost, we want you to be EDUCATED, and one way to do that is to let you know about as many top-quality products as we can! To that end, if we have not personally tried a product, we will not recommend it!

Here are two great introductory videos about the importance of structured water, one from Dr. Gerald Pollack, the leading water researcher in the United States, and the other from David Wolfe, internationally recognized nutrition expert:

Dr. Pollack is America's leading academic researcher in the filed of water. He has proposed a Fourth State of Water - Structured Water - as being an extremely important aspect of cellular and body health, DNA health, and the most significant energy supplier for the human body.

Although David's setup is impressive, structured water provides what is in many ways a superior product. Certain spring water, such as his in Hawaii, does not have the mineral salts necessary to properly maintain the structure of water while in the body. David admits that he must drink 5-6 times as much water in Hawaii as at his other home in Canada where the spring water is more "mature".

Enjoy your exploration into water!