Getting Started With Your Vitalizer Plus

Getting Started With Your Vitalizer Plus
The Vitalizer Plus

Getting started with your Vitalizer Plus is critical to your overall success.  I want to relate a true story as a way to demonstrate the importance of starting off right with your Vitalizer Plus:

As I was getting ready to leave my friend’s house who originally introduced me to the Vitalizer Plus, she handed me a 20 oz. bottle of Essentia Water (or so I thought) to drink on the 3 1/2 hour drive back home.  I had consumed the water by the time I got home, and about 3 hours after that I felt the urgent need to go to the bathroom.

For the next 24 hours, I experienced what is politely termed a “detox event”.  When I called my friend after it was over, I found out she forgot to tell me that I had just consumed 20 ounces of 27 minute Vitalized water instead of Essentia Water (she uses old Essentia bottles to transport her Vitalized water to work, and forgot to mention it!) –  I had consumed far in excess of the recommended starting amount of Vitalized water! I don’t want any of my customers to experience what I experienced, so please read the instructions below carefully and use common sense when beginning your Vitalized water buildup:

Recommended Program for Getting Started

 Because Vitalized water has a smaller, more organized molecular structure than regular water, it moves within the cellular components of the body more rapidly. Therefore, it is wise when getting started to drink small amounts of Vitalized water-gradually increasing to the recommended 8-10 glasses of water every day.

If you are healthy, begin by drinking 8 ounces, twice a day. For those over 50 years of age, or those with health challenges, begin by drinking 2 ounces/day – gradually increasing over a period of weeks to the point where you drink 8-10 glasses of vitalized water every day. Since water supports every metabolic process including the removal of metabolic wastes, drinking too much vitalized water right away, may cause noticeable detoxification (often accompanied by symptoms of fatigue, headache, changes in bowel movements, excessive mucus discharges, etc.).

With respect to the timer setting, start with 9 minutes and build up gradually to 27 just as you gradually build up the volume of Vitalized water you drink.  As with all things, listen to your body.  After a few weeks, you will become more adept at sensing when your body wants more strutured water, how much, and at what energetic level.

It is important to continue drinking at least 8 glasses of regular water each day while you are increasing the amount of vitalized water.

Changes You May Experience As You Are Getting Started

Each person will have different experiences, but for many, some of the positive effects you may experience may include the following:

1. Loss of Appetite – anywhere from immediately to a few weeks after beginning, you may experience a loss of appetite.  This means that your body is once again regaining its ability to recognize and use Vitalized water as a source of energy, and is recognizing the difference between a call of thirst and a call of hunger.

2. Weight Loss– many experience dramatic initial weight loss.  Although perhaps an unusual example, I personally lost 23 pounds during the first full month of drinking Vitalized water “full time”.

3. Better and Deeper Sleep – Sleep improvements are not at all uncommon.  Many indicate an ability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.

4. Release of Emotional Events From the Past – some have indicated they have been able to release the pain of past emotional events.    This can sometimes come to pass unexpectedly, and will differ from person to person.

5. Improved Emotional Well Being– many report an improvement in their general sense of well-being.

6. Improvements in Physical Condition – many find they are now able to perform physical activity much more easily.

7. Improvements in Physical Ailments – certain conditions, such as aches and pains may show rapid improvement after beginning Vitalized water consumption.

8. Lowered Blood Pressure – this is a wonderful side benefit for some, but will require monitoring of your medication levels.

9. Decreased Need for Medications – many report an ability to reduce and ultimately eliminate certain prespcription medications.  This will require monitoring and consultation with you health care provider.

10. Your Sense of Taste May Improve –  although the desire for food in general will probably subside, the tastiness of food may also increase.  However, for many, this taste improvement does not carry over to having a voracious appetite.  I for one can have one or two bites of ice cream occassionally, savor its tasty goodness, and then forget about it and put it away.

There are many more things I could describe, but just remember that if something in your life is changing, it just may be due to the Vitalized water you are drinking.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Two Important Precautions

1.  If you are on prescription medications, be sure to closely monitor your health in regards to the specific condition(s) for which for you are taking medications.  Let your health care provider know that you are now drinking structured water, and see if you can or should decrease or eliminate certain prescriptions.

2. If you drink alcohol, whether or not you use Vitalized water directly as part of or with a cocktail, use caution and be conscious of whether the extra structured water in your system results in a more rapid intake of alcohol into your bloodstream and cells.