Using Tensor Rings to Clean, Structure and Energize Water


“I just put the ring on the kitchen faucet and the water already tastes different in a good way.  The chlorine taste went away and the water is clearer.  Amazing!”

Bill – Kansas


Shown below are some everyday examples of how to use tensor rings around the home.  Be creative!

Customers have also tested the water throughout their homes and beyond.  Through a process call entrainment, water energy and structure actually moves backswards through the water pipes of the entire house, and even beyond. In one instance, water samples from the second floor were tested for energy and structure using the Lecher Antenna.  Even though the customer used only one ring on their kitchen faucet, the upstairs water tested at roughly 80% for energy and structure versus the water from the kitchen faucet. In another instance, a customer noticed that she had to cut back on the amount of water she used for watering her lawn because the water had been entrained to such a great extent that watering for the same amount of time as she had used before placing rings on her faucet resulted in a muddy lawn.

Structuring Water For on the Go:

This is a product I originally developed for myself, as I found myself in numerous situations where I didn’t have access to my Vitalizer water but still wanted to be able to structure and energize my water on the go!


Clean Scale and Mold From Home Water Pipes:

“The difference in the clarity of my water is amazing.” Mary – Pennsylvania

“After placing a couple rings on the faucets around the house, a friend advised me to run my Jacuzzi for a 15-20 minute “cleanout” cycle first before I got in.  I’m sure glad I did.  After I let the water out, there was a visible layer of black mold all over the bottom of the tub. Guess all that mold was in the water pipes and I didn’t even know it.  Glad to know I am not bathing in a mold-infested Jacuzzi any more!”  And look at how the encrusted mold on my kitchen sink stopper disappeared! Ann – Nebraska



Ordering the Right Tensor Rings:

We manufacture all our own Tensor Rings from start to finish to make sure that the Tensor Rings you receive are of the highest quality:

Use the following chart to determine which Tensor Rings are right for your purpose:

Size:                                                                Use:

1/2 cubit (~3.2″ diameter)                                   Water  Glasses, Faucets

3/4 cubit (~4.8″ diameter)                                   Small Water Pitchers, Shower Heads

1 cubit (~6.4″” diameter)                                      Large Water Pitchers (1 gallon or bigger)