Use The Best Water Possible

As mentioned previously, the Water Cycle provides a natural way for water to become clean and structured.  However, modern-day municipal water systems rob water of its natural cleansing abilities, structure, and energy.  Although there are various ways to inject energy and structure back into water, it is still imperative to begin with the best water possible.  There are a number of ways to get good water from which to begin the structuring process. The best options (in descending order) are the following:

 – Natural Spring Water (assuming the water has been tested)  – FREE! – also naturally energized
To find a spring in you area see:  www.
– Filtered Water with a quality filtration system (e.g., Berkey) – least expensive over the long run
– Distilled Water- very clean – bulky plastic bottles but relatively inexpensive
– Processed Spring Water (no added chlorine or fluoride) – home delivery/modest expense
– Glacial Melt- cleanest water, some even has some energy, but in plastic bottles and expensive.
– Reverse Osmosis/Ionized  Water – very clean but expensive.
-Tap water with filtered pitchers that remove Chlorine AND Fluoride in addition to other impurities      (e.g., Clearly Filtered)
-Tap water with other filtered pitchers that remove other impurities and Chlorine only (e.g., Brita, PUR)


Important Advice For All Water Drinkers

•Get a copy of your municipal water report.  If you have well water, get it tested!

There is a great database on the quality of major cities’ water:

What About Ionized Water?

– Electrolysis, the process used to make ionized water, uses much stronger forces than those generated in nature.

– Electrolysis produces temporarily structured water – the structure breaks down rapidly after removal from the electrical field, regardless of preservation conditions.

– Ionized water is useful in certain therapeutic situations when taken only over a short period of time.

– Studies on rats indicate long-term use of ionized water may lead to heart failure.

– The cardiologist who originally did the research on ionized water has now perfected a less problematic way to reap ionized water’s therapeutic benefits.