Imprinting Intentions In Water

Structured water is crystalline, and therefore it has the ability to both remember and transmit information.  As many scientists such as Nassim Haramein believe, water IS the medium for information transfer.  Therefore, the idea of imprinting is compelling, both to address issues within the body, as well as to enhance the power and intensity of prayers/meditations/intentions.

– Many people choose to imprint their structured water.  Simply praying/meditating/setting intentions while in the presence of the water is the simplest way of imprinting.

– You can also mentally set intentions as you make your structured water, whether manually, or with the Vitalizer Plus, triskelions, or tensor rings.

– There are also computer programs available on the internet that claim to be able to program intentions into water.

– My favorite, however is intention labels made by The Spirit of Water.

 The Spirit of Water

A great website for finding beautiful and inspiring intention imprinting labels and other products is The Spirit of Water.  This site contains all sorts of static-cling water blessing decals that can be placed on glasses, bottles, etc.

 Here are a few examples from their website: