Characteristics of Structured Water

Characteristics of Structured Water
Water Crystals Before and After Prayer
“Water is the driving force of all nature”

Leonardo Da Vinci

The are five characteristic of structured water is that make it different from processed and distilled drinking water:

1. Hexagonal Structure

Whether accomplished by Nature of man-made processes, structuring of water results in the reorganization of the loose molecular structure of unstructured water to create Hexagonal Water for more rapid penetration into the cells of your body.

The photos below were taken in the laboratory of Dr. Masuro Emoto, whose photography of ice crystals are both beautiful and a wonderful demonstration of how thoughts and emotions have a profound effect on water.  The first three photos are of distilled water.  Notice how unattractive and incoherent the crystal pattern is.  In the next three photos, distilled water is treated with a nine minute program on the Vitalizer Plus.  The beauty and coherent structure of this water is reflective of both the hexagonal structure of the water, and also a visual demonstration of the fact that structured water carries only beautiful, life-affirming energies.

Characteristics of Structured Water


2.  Oxygen Content

Structured water is created by a vortex (natural or man-made), increasing the amount of oxygen in drinking water.  Using Yosemite Crystal Water, dissolved oxygen levels were tested before and after structuring.

 Characteristics of Structured Water

Cancer, bacteria, viruses and fungi cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment. Therefore, the lack of sufficient oxygen becomes a significant contributor to disease and ill-health. One way to increase the amount of oxygen available to our tissues, is to drink an oxygen-rich structured water.  Dissolved oxygen testing shows that the structuring adds significant oxygen – even to an already good quality bottled water.

3. Mineral Content

A mineral cube within the unit, releases structure-making minerals during the vitalizing process to help structure the water and increase alkalinity. All mineral balls have passed heavy metal and anti-bacteria tests.

Characteristics of Structured Water

Structured water contains ionic minerals – incorporated naturally as water rushes over rocks and mineral formations. Minerals are the sparks of life since they are catalysts to nearly every metabolic reaction within the body. However, minerals must be in an ionic state in order to be absorbed and utilized at the cellular level. A balance of essential, ionic minerals adds”life”and a smooth taste to water. The Vitalizer Plus contains a mineral core, with a balance of ionic minerals from coral sand* and other sources, which are released slowly as the water swirls.

*A word about coral sand: Coral sand (otherwise known as coral calcium) contains over 70 different organically-complex minerals and trace minerals. Coral, a once living organism, is one of the most balanced mineral supplements available. Not only are the minerals proportionately balanced, they have also been assimilated by a living organism and are therefore “organically complex” so that the human body can recognize and utilize them in an available form.

Characteristics of Structured Water

4. Alkalinity

The optimal pH of the blood and other fluids in the body is slightly alkaline, yet even individuals who consider themselves healthy, often measure in the acidic range. An acidic pH is often the first step down the road to disease and ill-health and many of us are walking that road without even knowing it!

Did you know that most filtered, bottled, distilled – even reverse osmosis water products, are acidic? They contribute to the already chronic acidity in our bodies. Drinking alkaline water can make a difference, helping to move the body from an acidic to a more alkaline pH! The Vitalizer Plus alkalizes your water, bringing even distilled water, to an alkaline pH. And, depending on the initial pH of the water, the Vitalizer Plus can bring the resultant pH up as high as 8.5.

Characteristics of Structured Water

5. Energy

The resulting energy in structured water is enough to begin to balance the organs of your body – within minutes after drinking.

Kirlian Photography is a process that uses high frequencies and electron streams to take pictures of the invisible radiating energy fields that surrounds all living things. Through a Kirlian camera, see the energy radiating from the fingertip of a healthy individual before and after drinking 8 ounces of Vitalizer Plus water.

Characteristics of Structured Water

Energy Testing With GDV Imagery

Shown below is a GDV image of an individual’s chakra energy system before (solid circles) and 20 minutes after (diagonal circles) drinking structured water:

Characteristics of Structured Water
Chakras Before and After Drinking Structured Water

In every case, the chakra center measurements are more balanced and have a higher overall energetic value..

Another demonstration of the energy fields surrounding the body is shown in the photograph below. Notice the change in the energy fields 20 minutes following the drinking of Vitalized Water.

 Lecher Antenna Energy Testing

Ernst Lecher (1856–1926) was an Austrian physicist who, from 1909, was head of the First Institute of Physics in Vienna. He developed the “Lecher Instrument” (now called the Lecher Antenna)—to measure the wavelength and frequency of electromagnetic waves.

The video below shows how Structured Water compares energetically with other types of water.

Energy and Toxicity Testing of Various Water Samples Using the Lecher Antenna

How Non-Spiraling Pipes and Chemicals Rob Water of its Structure and Energy

– In natural conditions, water is self-cleansing and self-energizing.
– The vast majority of people living in urban areas worldwide no longer have access to living, energetic structured water.
– The process of distributing water through high-pressure pipes with no provision for spiraling of the water leaves  the water without either structure or energy, ultimately resulting in our water pipes looking like the one below: