Structured Water

Important and Interesting Facts About Water:
Structured Water
Structured Water in a Flowing Stream

– Structured water found at a remote mountain location in Venezuela has 40,000 times the energy as American tap water, which is virtually devoid of any structure or energy. The residents of this area of Venezuela are among the longest living on the planet. These people are profoundly healthy, happy and peaceful.

– Our domestic tap water is both physically and spiritually polluted, because water takes on as memory everything it comes in contact with, whether physical or energetic.

– Water is the only substance capable of absorbing all of the frequencies existing in nature (light, sound, radiant, microwave, subtle/scalar energies, etc.), and water can become living or dead depending on what frequencies it is in contact with.

– Just as in municipal water systems, chlorine in water acts as a disinfectant in the body, killing huge numbers of beneficial microorganisms in the digestive tract critical for proper digestion and immune system function.

– Fluoride is highly toxic – more toxic than lead, and only slightly less toxic than arsenic – yet fluoride is added to over 70% of America’s water supply. Even EPA has recently admitted that fluoride is a toxin and has mandated reductions in water system fluoride levels.

– The foods we eat are all the products of energy conversion from the initial electrical-energy-generating property of water.

-Structured water contains only life-affirming frequencies remain.

– The US government estimates that it would cost $30 billion per year to provide the WORLD with clean water, and yet over $100 billion is spent annually on bottled water, which only exacerbates water, air and physical pollution problems