Spirituality and Water

Nassim Haramein’s Depiction of the Universal Torus model of Creation – spirituality and water come together in The Vortex at the Center of all Creation.

The spiritual aspects of water been a topic of great interest going back at least to the beginning of written language.

Spirituality and WaterWater has long been associated with magical, mysterious, sacred and life-enhancing properties. In pre-Christian times, springs and rivers were seen as the dwelling places of deities with magical life-giving and curative properties.  Water was of great importance in primal religions and in the classic texts of Taoism and the Vedic tradition and the Celtic cults of water sprites and divinities.  Water continues to be revered by many religious traditions and indigenous cultures into contemporary times.

With the coming of Christianity, water was incorporated into Christian ritual and tradition through the sacrament of baptism and the cult of holy wells which became significant places of pilgrimage.

During the latter half of the 17th century, Sir Isaac Newton changed Western culture with his theories of physics,  gravitation and mechanics.  During his career, Newton developed his theories of mechanics that explained most of the known forces seen in the physical world, spawning what is known today as the Scientific Revolution.  This Age introduced a period of rational discussion and debate regarding the roles of religion and science, culminating in the notion that science and religion were essentially separate areas of endeavor.

Spirituality and Water
Dr. John Hagelin

Until recently, this schism between religion and science has continued largely unabated. It was just over 40 years ago that Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and head of the Transcendental Meditation movement in the United States, was trying to choose his undergraduate major.  Because of his high level of interest in both Quantum Physics and Transcendental Meditation, he proposed a double major in physics and religion.  While his arguments for such an “unusual” double major were quite sound, his proposal was ultimately rejected, largely because even as recently as 40 years ago, people could not comprehend how the worlds of science and religion were connected.

 Fortunately, this schism has begun to narrow.  Based upon new research in quantum physics, psychology, biofeedback, energy medicine, neuro-plasticity and epigenetics, energy medicine, computer programming and others, it is becoming more and more evident that a complete understanding of both the observable world and the quantum world requires a “Unified Field Theory” that will tie together these two worlds into one common understanding.

Spirituality and Water
Nassim Haramein

Dr. Hagelin is but one of many on the path to bridging science and spirituality.  Others on the path include fellow quantum physicists Fred Alan Wolf, Amit Goswami and Nassim Haramein.  Dr. Richard Gerber, with his book “Energetic Medicine”, brought an entirely new and groundbreaking perspective to the practice of Western medicine.  Others, including Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Eric Pearl, have begun to marry the spiritual with the scientific in their research and application of spiritual and scientific principles.  Still others, such as Ernest Holmes, Norman Vincent Peale and other great New Thought movement teachers of the 20th century, paved the way for acceptance of the concept of the “Ether” at a time when academic science was not at all convinced of its existence.

One of the more interesting and compelling experiments demonstrating that thoughts have an impact on the envirionment are the experiments done by Maharishi University, wherein they had a group a meditators meet daily to meditate on peace and non-violence in Washington, D.C., during which time crime dropped by 25%.  Other experiments pointing to the interconnectivity of the Universe with all living things include the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ ongoing experiments into global consciousness, and the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Reasearch (“PEAR”) project that demonstrates the ability of human consciousness to affect the outcomes of random number generators.

Understanding that “the mystical is only the science we do not yet comprehend”, a traditionally spiritual topic ripe for scientific research is the role of water in both the interaction and communication of mankind with its environment.  Although there is an increasing amount of research being done in this area, none of it is as of yet “conclusive”.  However, we can gather a great deal of information from the work of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, summarized on the next page.