The Research of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

“We know today that man is essentially a being of light.  We now know, for example, that light can initiate, or arrest cascade-like reactions in cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light.  We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.”
Dr. Fritz Albert Popp
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
The Research of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is a Russian scientist who specializes in the measurement of subtle energy fields.  He has developed a specialized form of photography entitled Gas Discharge Visualization  (“GDV”) to measure photonic (light) energy fields. It is based on the Kirlian Effect which measures the light emanating from all living things.

Dr. Korotkov’s Research into Water

Krishna Madappa, a research partner of Dr. Korotkov, had this to say about their GDV research with water:

“For nearly a decade, our research and exploration using the Electro Photon Capture/GDV technology has shown the positive effects of ”informed” or structured water, on the human energy field.  Our consistent observations for those who drink this kind of water are: organization of the sympathetic and parasympathetic energy fields; organization and greater brain hemisphere balance; potentiation of chakras (energy centers) especially the Anahata (heart center); increase bio-photons in the energy field; and improvements in other processes that are supportive to whole person wellness.  We observe, in principle, that enhancement of all the above attributes infuses cascades of light which stimulate a self organizing awareness that fosters an awakening mind”.

(from Mj Pangman’s book “Dancing With Water”)


Shown below is a GDV image of an individual’s chakra system before and after drinking structured water:


The diagrams above shows the relative balance and the energetic value of a subject both before (solid circles) and 20 minutes after (diagonal circles) drinking a glass of structured water.  In every case, the chakra center measurements are more balanced and have a higher overall energetic value.  This is a clear demonstration that the subtle energy fields of the human body are both enhanced and balanced by the introduction of structured water.  It is important to note that the water used in this example had been structured over 24 hours before the subject actually drank it.  Although this does not prove that INGESTED water will hold its structure for that long, it does stand to reason that an individual who drinks structured water throughout the day will maintain a continuously higher level of structured water within the body.

Another demonstration of Dr. Korotkov’s work with water is the demonstration of the energy fields surrounding the body.  In the photograph below, notice the change in the energy fields 20 minutes following the drinking of structured water.

 water energy field

Dr. Korotkov’s Research into Meditation

Dr. Korotkov has been working with Dr. Joe Dispenza at Dr. Dispenza’s Advanced Meditation Workshops to capture and quantify the energy fields of attendees.   The purpose of this exercise is to allow attendees the opportunity to visualize the difference meditation brings to various energetic aspects of the attendee’s energy field.

In the graphic below, Dr. Korotkov demonstrates the changes in the energy centers before and after meditation:

The Research of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Similar to the effects achieved through drinking structured water, the subject’s energy center balance and total energy is enhanced through the use of meditation.

Dr. Korotkov’s Research Into Reconnective Healing

“One day I was a chiroproctor and the next day I was something else”.

Dr. Eric Pearl on discovering Reconnective Healing

For Dr. Eric Pearl, a way to reconnect with the light energy which is our bodies came to him in a flash of inspiration.  He now teaches Reconnective Healing throughout the world, and has hundreds of trained practioners who provide these healing services.  Dr. Korotkov wrote the book “Science Confirms Reconnective Healing”.  As part of his research, Dr. Korotkov used the same methodolgy used above in the section on water to demonstrate how the energy field of a patient changes before and after a Reconnective Healing:

The Research of Dr. Konstanting Korotkov
GDV Photography Before and After Reconnective Healing

Just an with the example with water, the energy field of the patient is greatly enhanced from the Reconnective healing session.


Whether we are looking at people who drink structured water, people who meditate, or people who are the subject of a Reconnective Healing, it is obvious from Dr. Korotkov’s research that similar effects are found within the energetic complex of each of the individuals. Drinking structured water does not mean that one achieves the same overall effects as one who meditates or has a Reconnective Healing.  However, the fact that water achieves these energetic results simply through its energy and structure certainly seems to argue the EFFECTS of meditation and Reconnective Healing must rely upon or be directly connected to the existence of structured water in the human body.

Even before future research proves this relationship directly, the inclusion of structured water as a part of any meditation or energetic healing program seems to be an obvious beneficial decision.

Structured Water Appears to be the Medium for Many Healing Remedies:

– Infrared Sauna technology

– Ultraviolet Therapy

– Low Level Light Laser Therapy

– Heat Therapy

– Meditation

– Color therapy

– Medicinal Magnets

– Acupuncture

– Reconnective Healing

– Massage

– Homeopathic remedies

– Earthing/Grounding techniques

– Reiki, Hands on Healing, Intention, Tapping

Imprinting Water with Subtle Energies for enhancement of cognitive function, immune function and healing… may eventually be our primary source of healing intervention.