Shaver’s Best Friend

“I was using the most expensive razor blade cartridge on the market, and could only get 3-4 shaves out of it before it would become painful and go dull.  Then I started using Shaver’s Best Friend.  After shaving daily for one month, my cartridge is still sharp and pain-free! I can’t wait to see how long it will last!”

Mike – Nebraska

Are You Tired of the High Cost of Razor Blades?

If you’re like most shavers, you’re fed up with the high cost of razor blades…blades can cost $7.00 and more, and before you know it, they’re dull and painful to use.

Now there’s Shaver’s Best Friend, a practical, everyday application of tensor ring technology, that will extend the life of your blade by two, three, four times, and more!

My Story

I began getting interested in trying out the possibility of extending razor blade life when I first started making Russian Pyramids.  In his book “Pyramid Power – The Science of the Cosmos”, Patrick Flanagan discusses how after World War II soldiers in the Soviet Union had a ration of only 1 razor blade per month, and after 3-4 shaves, they were always scrounging around for razor blades – until they discovered pyramid power to keep their razor blades sharp.  Now, I have taken that idea and improved upon it.  Instead of building a pyramid, my research now shows that simply placing your razor blade inside a tensor ring between shaves can:

Extend your blade life to one month, two months, even 3.5 months and more!

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Watch my story:

Right now, I’m at 3.5 months and counting, with no end in sight!
Money Back Guarantee:

I know this sounds too good to be true, so I am offering a 90 day money-back guarantee.  If you decide not to keep you Shaver’s Best Friend for any reason, just pay the postage to ship your order back to me and I will refund your purchase price. No questions asked.

Save Money on Multiple Purchases

Buy multiple Shaver’s Best Friend tensor rings and save two ways:

– Only one charge for shipping up to five Shaver’s Best Friend tensor rings sent to one address:

– Volume discounts when you purchase multiple units:


# Units              Purchase Price     S & H                Total Cost         You Save*

1                            $18.99                   $6.99            $25.98                   –

2                              35. 99                  6.99                42.98                 $8.98

3                              49.99                   6.99                55.98                  21.96

4                              63.99                   6.99                70.98                  32.94

5                              74.99                   6.99                 81.98                  47.92

*versus purchasing separately


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