Update: Ready-To-Assemble Russian PVC Pyramids

We will soon be offering ready-to assemble Russian PVC Pyramids

pyramidpicture3Those who have read our previous articles and watched our videos on Russian PVC pyramids are aware that we have been searching for the proper combination of non-ferrous building materials to allow for production of Russian PVC pyramids pursuant to the prescribed protocols used by the Russian research team.  In our previous videos, we came close to being able to provide appropriate connectors, but mentioned that they were not properly sized for U.S. PVC pipe.  At the time, we recommended using a few rounds of electrician’s tape to help alleviate the disparity.

We are pleased to announce that since the production of those videos, we have been in contact with the distributor of the PVC connectors. We have sent him samples of the PVC pipe used in the video, and he has prepared a new set of connectors based upon these samples, which are currently in transit from Croatia.  Once we have tested these new connectors, we will produce a video showing the Russian PVC pyramid built with these new connectors and will begin accepting orders for ready-to-assemble pyramid kits based upon the Russian pyramid geometry.    In this video, we will be testing to determine the maximum practical pyramid height, which we expect to be 10 feet for the apical pipes, which would produce a vertical height in excess of a standard 8 foot ceiling. Once we know the maximum available size, we will explore shipping options and determine final pricing.

If you wish to purchase a custom-made pyramid, please contact us to discuss:

or call us at: 412-474-3481

If you prefer to build your own pyramid, we will provide a link to the etsy.com web page where the connectors can be purchased separately.


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