PVC Pyramids

PVC Russian Pyramid Seekers-


For those who have been waiting for this product to finally come available, your wait is almost over!  First I want to apologize for the delay in getting this product out into production.  I just completed a move to rural central Pennsylvania, which has had me essentially “out of commission” for the past month. Knowing this was coming, I tried my best to learn a new craft for me (molding) in a very short time frame in order to have these available by June 1st, my originally scheduled introduction date.

One of the critical elements in molding is the use of modelling clay in a variety of  different tasks in the molding process.  Unfortunately, there is an unscrupulous clay manufacturer who has chosen to save a nickel by continuing to use outdated packaging which does not disclose the existence of sulphur in their clay.  Not to bore you with the details, but the new silicone mold materials I am using will not set properly in the presence of sulphur.  Not knowing what was going on, I wasted 6 weeks of precious time until I figured out there was suphur in my supposed “no-sulphur” clay.


However, we are now in the home stretch.  I am now having new 3D-printed models printed which should arrive by approximately July 21 and we should finally be into production by August 1!

Check back soon.  Of course, we will be making a youtube video to announce this amazing new product.

For all of you who have been patiently waiting, I want to thank you for your patience and I hope you will not be disappointed with this new generation of Russian PVC pipe pyramids!



Custom-Made Russian PVC Pyramids Kits Are Now Available!

Note:  This 1/4″ line is being phased out upon the introduction of our new line of 3/4″ sets.  There are only two sets remaining, so order now if you want one of these sets!

For those of you who are as excited as we are about the Russian pyramid technology recently popularized in David Wilcock’s “Wisdom Teachings” series, here is your opportunity to obtain a 100% metal-free PVC pyramid.

Watch the video to learn more!

Single Piece and Unique “3-In-1” Designs

Due to sharp shipping cost increases at 6 and 8 foot lengths, we will only ship pieces that do not exceed 72″ in length unless you request otherwise.  As a result, if you order a pyramid with a height of 6 1/2′ or larger, both the base and apical pieces are cut into two pieces, and joined together with couples as shown above.  This gives you the opportunity to actually have three pyramids for the price of one.  Not only does this give you the flexibility of having “indoor” and “outdoor” versions of your pyramid, but the ability to break the pieces down into smaller sizes which makes moving or carrying the pyramid a breeze!

The Geometry Behind The Russian Pyramid

The dimensions for this pyramid are derived from the following geometric formulas:

A= length of base  B= lateral edge length  H= height of pyramid

Due to the second-order nature of the formula to determine the lateral, or apical dimensions of the pyramid, there is a non-linear relationship between the length of the lateral, or apical edge of the pyramid relative to the other two pieces, although in reality the difference is minimal.  As an example, for a 20″ base length, the formula indicates the apical length should be 42.94″, whereas for a 40″ base, the apical piece would be 85.75″.  This apical length is only about 1/8″ longer than two times the apical length for the 20″ base (2×42.94=85.88-85.75=.13″).

The 3-in-1 Pyramid

Unless you request a special order, if you order a pyramid greater than 5 1/2′ in height, the base and apical pieces are cut into two smaller pieces that are coupled together with the couples provided in the kit.  These couples more than offset what is an extremely large increase in shipping costs when the length of the package exceeds 6′.

However, cutting each piece into two smaller pieces provides the opportunity to use the pyramid in different size configurations.  For example, if you order an 8.5′ pyramid, you can have the pieces cut into 3′ and 5.5′ pieces, 2.5′ and 6′ pieces or any other combination that sums to 8.5′.

Pricing and Sizing Chart

The following chart provides information on standard pyramid sizes and pricing:

Height*                  Base Length*                          Options                           Price incl. Shipping**

4.5′                        26.75″                                     1 piece                            $225.00

5.5′                        32.70                                        1 piece                            250.00

6.5′                        38.60                                       1 piece, 3-in-1                260.00

7.5′                        44.55                                        3-in-1                            270.00

8.5′                        50.50                                        3-in-1                            285.00

*height and base lengths include the added dimensions of base and apical connectors.

**newsletter subscribers receive a $25.00 discount on any pyramid purchase.  Subscribe and receive an immediate discount code.

How to Order Your Pyramid

One Piece Pyramids

If you are ordering a 4.5′, 5.5′ or 6.5′ one piece pyramid, simply check out and we will deliver your pyramid.

3-in-1 Pyramids

When ordering a 3-in-1 pyramid, you will need to determine the two smaller sizes you wish to have.  For example with an 8.5′ pyramid, you might choose 3′ and 5.5′ pieces.  Any combination which sums to 8.5′ will work.  However, you will need to pick two of the three total sizes (in this case, 3′, 5.5′ and 8.5′) that you want to be precise, as the remaining measurement will be marginally off scale.  When checking out, just pick the 3-in-1 size pyramid you wish to purchase.  After completing your order, we will contact you to go over your preferred piece sizes.

Special Orders

Contact us for other special orders you may have, and we will be happy to assist you.  Email us on our Contact Us page, or call at:  412.474.3481.

Before Ordering

If you are at all uncertain about your ceiling height, please measure the space where you plan to use the pyramid before ordering.



Due to the custom nature of these pyramids, we cannot offer refunds for the pyramids purchased other than for the connectors.  If you choose not to keep the pyramid, you may return the connectors in their original condition and we will provide you with a $75.00 credit.

See the Energy of the Pyramid

Watch these videos and see the energy of the pyramid as measured by with the Lecher Antenna.