How To Manually Structure Water

For those on a limited budget, learn how to manually structurewater!  The process is not difficult to learn, and takes only about 5 minutes a day.  Here is a list of the things you will need to get started:

  • An open-mouth container, preferably glass, in which to vortex the water (see video below)
  • A wooden stirring spoon (no ferrous metal or plastic)
  • A good brand of sea salt (preferably Himalayan)
  • Measuring spoon for measuring the amount of salt solution to place in the water.
Highly Recommended:
  • A quality filtering device
  • Tensor Rings to help energize and structure the water after hand-vortexing.  We manufacture our own Tensor Rings specifically for the purpose of purifying, energizing and structuring water – see discussion below.

Both of these recommendations assist in making your water more clean,  structured and energetic.  Although beyond the scope of this discussion, the use of tensor rings aids greatly in eliminating the negative frequencies associated with toxins in the water, but we do not recommend using the tensor ring in lieu of a quality filtration device.

Watch The Video to Learn How To Manually Structure Water

 Summary – Hand Vortexing

– Use a wooden, copper, silver or gold stirring device – no stainless steel or plastic.

– Stir counterclockwise for feminine/creative energy.

– Stir clockwise for masculine energy – dispels negative energy

– For best results, use a figure 8 or infinity loop as shown for about three minutes.

– Add concentrated salt solution (see below) before vortexing.

Concentrated Salt Solution

– Use sea salt (preferably Himalayan).


– Place sea salt in the bottom of a glass.  Add “clean” water and stir until no more salt can be absorbed.

– If salt completely dissolves, repeat until there is excess salt that will no longer dissolve.

– Allow to sit overnight.

– Stir each time before vortexing.

– Before vortexing , add ¼ to ½ tsp of concentrated salt solution to ½ gallon of water.  There are no storage issues with this solution, so make up as much as you want.


We have developed a line of Tensor Rings to specifically assist in the purification, structuring and energizing of water.  Many people even choose to place a Tensor Ring under their Vitalized Water to enhance and maintain the benefits of Vitalizing!


Watch the Tensor Ring Improve the Quality of Drinking Water!