Documentaries and Videos

 Documentaries and Videos
“The Mystery of Water”

This documentary explores the many unique characteristics of water, discusses the value of strucutred, vitalized water, and discusses current research goin on in Europe to define and enhance our knowledge of the many health benefits of living water.  As this documentary was produced by Grander Water Company, a vitalized water company specializing in commercial-scale projects, the documentary also focusses on some of the many commercial applications of vitalized water currently being undertaken in Europe.


“Secret of Water”

A documentary that premiered in June, 2015, this is the most comprehensive documentary detailing the global crisis of water from the perspective of both healthcare and spirituality.  The film explains the needs and benefits of structured water, the correlation between the places where structured water exists in plentiful supply and the corresponding longevity of the local population.  The spiritual nature of water, as well as its central role as the communication center not only within the body, but with the Field, is also explored in depth.   An all-star cast of scientists, water specialists, scientific writers, and spiritualists provide the information for this great documentary.

Lecture on Water and Dehydration with Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj
This lecture discusses the major themes of Dr. Batman’s work, including the four phases of the body’s response to dehydration, the role of dehydration in causing any number of diseases, and the effects of caffeine and aspartame on health.  This is a great lecture for all!


Lecture on “The Fourth Phase of Water” by Dr. Gerald Pollack

This is a recent video of Dr. Pollack discussing his recent book – “The Fourth Phase of Water”.