Scientific Experiments Demonstrate The Existence of Structured Water

Structured Water Is a Naturally Occurring Phenomenon

waterisenergyDr. Gerald Pollack, in his book “The Fourth Phase of Water”, lays out a number of scientific experiments he and others have performed demonstrating the existence of an area called the “Exclusion Zone” in a vessel of water.  The Exclusion Zone, which Dr. Pollack describes as “EZ” water or Exclusion Water, is an area of highly structured water which occurs naturally in such commonplace situations around the edge a glass of water.  As demonstrated, any “hydrophilic”,  or water-loving,  surface will initiate the process of water structuring.

The specific charge of the surface initiating the structuring process does not matter; the process of water structuring can begin with either a positively or negatively charged surface.

The first way Dr. Pollack demonstrated the existence of exclusion zones was by suspending differing types of microspheres in water.  Into this mixture, Dr. Pollack inserted charged gel beads, and then waited to see the results.

Over time, the microspheres were pushed out from the area surrounding the gel beads at an increasing distance, indicating the growth of a structural barrier around the gel beads.  In fact, further tests indicated it did not matter whether the gel beads were positively or negatively charged, the results were the same.  This indicated that an effective structural barrier developed around the gel bead by the water itself, effectively excluding the microspheres from entry.  The effect was like the growth of a crystal given the ongoing growth of the exclusion zone over time.

Exclusion Zones in Nature

Dr. Pollack then looked at exclusion zones in nature, and found some very interesting examples.  He discovered the existence of exclusion zones in places such as the inside of blood vessels, plant roots, and muscle.  He also found that exclusion zones were found adjacent to single molecular layers, indicating that the depth of the molecular layers initiating structured water growth was of no consequence, only the existence of a molecular template was necessary to initiate structured water growth.

To provide more robust photographic evidence of the existence of exclusion zones, Dr. Pollack began using Nafion, a potent negatively charged polymer.


Dr. Pollack and his team did further research to determine what types of things were actually excluded from the zone. They found virtually all types of objects, large and small, and fabricated from diverse sources, including red blood cells, bacteria, the protein albumin, molecular dyes, and even dirt particles were excluded, indicating a potentially profound influence of structured water within the human body.

nafion4These observations led Dr. Pollack to conclude that the exclusion phenomenon was general:  almost any hydrophilic surface can generate an exclusion zone; and the exclusion zone excludes almost anything suspended or dissolved in the water.

Tests Demonstrate The Existence of Structured Water

This conclusion was reinforced by the following testing procedures:

 Light Absorption – these test prove that there is a dramatic change in the absorption of light as one moves closer to the Nafion wafer interface, indicating a structural change in the water inside the exclusion zone.

Infrared Absorption – infrared photography can demonstrate that differing wavelengths are absorbed by differing molecules based upon their chemical structure.  In these tests, the color of water changed dramatically near the Nafion wafer relative to the water.

Infrared Emission – infrared photography shows a pronounced difference in the amount of infrared heat emitted from the exclusion zone water, indicating the EZ water is more ordered and crystalline in nature.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Molecular relaxation time studies indicate that the water in the exclusion zone is much more ordered near the Nafion wafer.

Viscosity – Viscosity studies indicated the exclusion zone water was much more viscous than the water further away from the Nafion wafer.

nafion3Optical Studies  – Optical studies prove that the refractive index of EZ water is much higher than that of regular, or “Bulk” water, indicating that EZ water is denser that bulk water.


Structured water exists in our everyday environment as a naturally occurring phenomenon. Naturally occurring substances that are hydrophilic in nature will commence the process of water structuring in nature.  The existence of EZ water is easily demonstrated through a variety of simple scientific testing procedures.

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