Pain Indicators of Dehydration


Depending on the location of acid buildup inside the cells, the following pain indicators are really indicators of potential genetic damage produced by chronic dehydration in the human body:


1. Heartburn

2. Dyspeptic pain

3. Anginal pain

4. Lower back pain

5. Rheumatoid joint pains

6. Migraine headaches

7. Colitis pain

8. Fibromyalgic pains

9. Bulimia

10. Morning sickness during pregnancy


– Before dehydration hurts you irreversibly, your body will show its urgent need for water through different types  of pain.
– Pain can be caused by a buildup in body acidity due to dehydration as the brain prioritizes water flow to itself.
– Pain, at first, is a peripheral marker for dehydration, but over time, pain becomes the main marker for the same thirst.
– At some point, the brain-initiated pain is not fooled by the action of locally acting medication, food or anything other than water.
– Arthritis and joint pain are the cause of lack of structured water in the joints.  Structured water within the cartilage produces a repulsion force in the joints of such a magnitude that joints literally do not touch each other.
– Lower back pain is similar to joint pain in that the cartilage separating vertebrae require a constant flow of structured water to minimize cartilage deterioration and promote easy gliding of vertebrae,
– 80% of all prescription pain killers WORLDWIDE are prescribed in the United States.
– In 2010 there were over 5 million prescription pain killer abusers in the United States.
– Drug overdose is now the number one killer in the United States.