Feelings Associated With Dehydration

The feelings associated with dehydration include:

1. feeling tired

2. feeling flushed

3. feeling irritable and unreasonably short-tempered

4. feeling anxious

5. feeling dejected and inadequate

6. feeling depressed

7. feeling disturbed during sleep, particularly in the elderly

8. feeling heavy-headed

9. feeling angry and quick temper

10. feeling unreasonably impatient

11. feeling a very short attention span

12. feeling shortness of breath in an otherwise healthy person

13. feeling cravings for manufactured beverages such as coffee, tea, sodas, and alcoholic drinks


– Water is the main source of energy in the body.  Even the food we eat has no energy value to the body until it is hydrolyzed by water and thereby energized.

– Feeling irritable is the body’s way of short-circuiting brain energy-consuming involvement.

– Feeling dejected and depressed is brought about by the using of essential amino acids by the liver to neutralize toxic waste in times of dehydration.  These feelings become permanent  until dehydration ends.

– Sleep issues, particularly among the elderly, are solved rather quickly with water.

– Cravings for alcohol, caffeine, etc. are the brain’s way of telling you you are dehydrated.

– Feeling anger and impatience are ways the brain reacts to a shortage of water.  The brain cannot continue to  survive in an environment where there is too much toxicity, so it finds ways to slow down thinking activities to devote more water to cleansing and excretion.

– Short attention spans are another way the brain uses to disengage  from current tasks during dehydration.

– Shortness of breath in otherwise healthy individuals is also a sign of dehydration.