Dehydration and Health

Dehydration and Health

If you have recently been to the doctor and told you are dehydrated, you are not alone! Roughly 75% of all Americans are dehydrated, and that number goes to 90-95% for seniors. If you’re not sure of your status, there is a very simple test for you on the third tab in this section.

As you read through the information in this section, you may find some potential answers to a number of lingering health issues you are experiencing. These answers come from one of the world’s leading experts on dehydration, who believed that upwards of 80% of our healthcare issues could be ELIMINATED if people were properly hydrated.

Some of your questions might include:

– Could my dry skin be due to dehydration?
– What about my high blood pressure – could that be a function of dehydration?
– What about my obesity – could it also have something to do with dehydration?
– Does dehydration play a role in my allergies and asthma?
– Could I try hydrating as a way to avoid hip or knee surgery?
– Could my cholesterol come down by hydrating properly?
– What about my auto-immune issues?
– Would dehydration have a role to play in the increase in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease?
– Could something as simple as hydration play a role in cancer prevention and cure?

The information contained in this tab will explore these questions and many more. This information will give you a lot of food (or should I say water!) for thought.
The information contained in this section is compiled from the works of Feyerdoon Batmanghlidj, MD
Dr. Feyerdoon Batmanghelidj – Expert on Dehydration

– Born to a wealthy Iranian family

– Studied medicine in London

– Imprisoned in 1979 during Iranian Revolution and sentenced to death

– Learned the healing powers of water treating prisoners, while incarcerated himself!

– Was released from prison for his efforts and research on dehydration.

– Escaped from Iran and moved to USA

This is an excellent 2 hour video of Dr. Batmanghelidj discussing dehydration and some of the more debilitating diseases associated with dehydration.