Solar Energy System Pulls Clean Drinking Water From Thin Air

Solar device draws moisture from the air we breathe and condenses it into drinkable water.

Solar Panel

What if solar energy could pull drinking water out of thin air?

Cody Friesen, founder of Arizona startup Zero Mass Water, is on a mission to do just that.


“Drinking water is a fundamental human right,” Friesen said. “We intrinsically own the air we breathe by just taking a breath, and almost no one on the planet owns the water they drink.”


Friesen developed Source, a solar panel that draws moisture from the air we breathe and condenses it into drinkable water.


“Anybody who has an air conditioner makes water from air. There’s nothing magical there,” said Friesen. “What we set out to do is to develop a solar panel that makes drinking water instead of electricity.”

Water Condenser

Zero Mass Water

How does it work? Imagine a salt shaker with grains of rice interspersed among the salt. The rice absorbs moisture, keeping the salt dry. Zero Mass Water developed a material that acts like those grains of rice, absorbing water from the air.

Water is extracted from that material and purified. Source adds calcium and magnesium to match the flavor and pH of bottled water, producing 5 liters each day – enough to sate a family of four.

Because Source is powered entirely by solar energy, it can operate far from a power grid or centralized water supply. It is a leapfrog technology much like solar panels and cell phones, which have allowed those in developing countries to generate electricity and connect to the internet without constructing power plants or installing phone lines.

water condeser

Zero Mass Water

Friesen (center) with his colleagues in Arizona.

Friesen says panels are built to last and maintenance is easy. Refill the mineral supplement every now and then and look out for repairs, and things should stay nice and wet.

“Anyone who can use a Phillips-head screwdriver can do maintenance on the system,” he said. “It’s all within arms reach and very, very simple.” Before long, he says, replacement parts will be available online.

Friesen, a professor of engineering at Arizona State University, developed Source in the dry Southwest. The invention has already garnered interest from consumers in California and Arizona who want to use it replace bottled water.

Source will prove even more valuable to consumers in developing countries. Roughly one in ten people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. Climate change threatens to exacerbate this problem by fueling drought in vulnerable regions. A machine that can draw moisture from the air would be eminently useful for families in poor, remote areas.

Zero Mass Water has already installed panels in the United States, Mexico, Jordan, and Ecuador. Friesen recalled the story of one family in Ecuador that installed a panel, and the impact it had on their young daughter.

“It fundamentally changed that little girl’s life,” said Friesen. “She went from having no clean water… to, all of a sudden, having perfectly clean, beautiful drinking water.”

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Ferroecelctricty is Water

Scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and several research teams working in Russia and other European countries have been the first to reliably realize and document the phenomenon of ferroelectricity in water by confining water molecules within nano-cages in a beryl crystal. The results of their work are published in Nature Communications.

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New Device Creates Drinking Water From “Thin Air”

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waterseer-diagramA new device developed by VICI-Labs, in collaboration with The University of California at Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association, aims to provide a sustainable source of clean safe drinking water for the millions without a reliable water supply. The WaterSeer is a relatively simple device, designed to be operated without an external power input, and without the need for costly chemicals or maintenance, that can ‘pull’ moisture from thin air and condense it into water using the temperature difference between the above-ground turbine and the collection chamber installed six feet underground. The potable water can then be delivered to the surface for use via a simple pump and hose, and the device is said to be able to produce up to 11 gallons per day, even in arid regions.

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