Update: Ready-To-Assemble Russian PVC Pyramids

We will soon be offering ready-to assemble Russian PVC Pyramids

pyramidpicture3Those who have read our previous articles and watched our videos on Russian PVC pyramids are aware that we have been searching for the proper combination of non-ferrous building materials to allow for production of Russian PVC pyramids pursuant to the prescribed protocols used by the Russian research team.  In our previous videos, we came close to being able to provide appropriate connectors, but mentioned that they were not properly sized for U.S. PVC pipe.  At the time, we recommended using a few rounds of electrician’s tape to help alleviate the disparity.

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Build Giza and Russian Pyramids With PVC Pipe

Pyramids Are Those Described in The David Wilcock Series “Wisdom Teachings”

pyramidWe recently wrote a piece on the energetic properties of pyramids, based on Russian pyramid research highlighted in a recent series by David Wilcock on Gaia’s “Wisdom Teachings”.  According to David Wilcock and the Russian research, one of the primary requirements of successful pyramid building is that no metallic elements, even screws, be used in construction.  As virtually every pyramid or pyramid connector set on the internet is made of copper, we set out to determine whether it would be possible to build PVC pyramids out of available non-metallic components.

Here are our results:

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Research Demonstrates Health Benefits Of Water Exposed to Pyramids

New Research Validates The Significance Of A Vortex In Improving the Quality of Everything Exposed To It

A Recently Constructed Pyramid in Russia

A recent series of episodes on Gaia TV’s “Wisdom Teachings” by David Wilcock has been exploring the research of Russian scientists on the energetic effects of pyramids on structured water creation, health and environmental remediation.  The research has been especially active over the last 10-15 years. During that time a number of pyramids have been built in Russia and the amount of research has increased dramatically.

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