Initial Research Produces Preliminary Treatment Protocol for EMF Hypersensitivity Using Tensor Rings

Additional EMF Hypersensitive Individuals Needed to Continue Research

tensorwrist1We are in the midst of conducting some very promising initial research relating to a new treatment protocol for EMF hypersensitivity using tensor ring products, and are getting some very positive results. An individual who previously had to wear aluminum foil around their body to survive in high EMF environments can now function virtually symptom-free by wearing tensor ring bracelets of varying frequencies/cubit lengths, and by using tensor ring products in their home and office environment. We will be posting a significant new video on these results in the next few weeks. We are hoping to bring this solution forward with a protocol that will allow for remote diagnosis, providing for the determination of appropriate tensor ring frequencies/cubit lengths, etc. using a combination of phone consultation and Lecher Antenna analysis using a photograph of the affected individual.

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Update: Ready-To-Assemble Russian PVC Pyramids

We will soon be offering ready-to assemble Russian PVC Pyramids

pyramidpicture3Those who have read our previous articles and watched our videos on Russian PVC pyramids are aware that we have been searching for the proper combination of non-ferrous building materials to allow for production of Russian PVC pyramids pursuant to the prescribed protocols used by the Russian research team.  In our previous videos, we came close to being able to provide appropriate connectors, but mentioned that they were not properly sized for U.S. PVC pipe.  At the time, we recommended using a few rounds of electrician’s tape to help alleviate the disparity.

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