Build Giza and Russian Pyramids With PVC Pipe

Pyramids Are Those Described in The David Wilcock Series “Wisdom Teachings”

pyramidWe recently wrote a piece on the energetic properties of pyramids, based on Russian pyramid research highlighted in a recent series by David Wilcock on Gaia’s “Wisdom Teachings”.  According to David Wilcock and the Russian research, one of the primary requirements of successful pyramid building is that no metallic elements, even screws, be used in construction.  As virtually every pyramid or pyramid connector set on the internet is made of copper, we set out to determine whether it would be possible to build PVC pyramids out of available non-metallic components.

Here are our results:

Finding the Proper Non-Metallic Connectors for PVC Pyramids

We searched the web for non-metallic connectors and found two pyramid connector sets on that fit the bill:

These connectors are specifically designed to incorporate the geometry of either the Giza pyramid or the Russian pyramid.  Although the information stated the connectors are for metallic pipe, we went ahead and ordered them as they were the only non-metallic connectors available on the market.

We ordered one set each, and they arrived from Croatia last week.  As these sets accommodate 1/2″ pipe, we went to Home Depot and purchased the appropriate amount of 1/2″ PVC pipe in anticipation of their arrival. When the connectors arrived, however, we quickly learned PVC pipe and metal pipe are measured quite differently.

Finding the Right  PVC Pipe Size For PVC Pyramids

Whereas metallic pipe is quoted on the basis of the outer diameter of the pipe, PVC pipe is quoted based on nominal size, which is a nice way of saying the stated size bears only modest relationship to actual size.   After realizing that the 1/2″ PVC pipe we had purchased had an actual outside diameter of .84″ (and therefore would not come close to fitting into the 1/2″ connectors), we began a search both on the internet and locally to find an appropriately sized PVC pipe.

We determined that 1/4″ PVC pipe had an outside diameter of just under 1/2″, and with the application of a few rounds of electrician’s tape onto the ends (it is not visible once constructed – see the videos below), the pipe fits snugly into the connectors.  Therefore, we set out to find a supplier of 1/4″ PVC pipe.

Finding the Right PVC Pipe For PVC Pyramids

Finding the proper size PVC pipe will take some work.  Lowe’s and Home Depot do not stock 1/4″ PVC pipe.  We found some at a local specialty plumbing supply warehouse in the Pittsburgh, PA area, and you might find it searching in your local area as well.  Additionally, I found the pipe online at the following website:

In the interest of full disclosure, however, I have not had any luck in getting anyone from United States Plastic to respond to my emails or calls.

Custom-Built Sets

If you decide this process is too much work, we will be happy to build custom-built pyramids to your specifications.  We are also in discussions with the pyramid connector maker in Croatia to redesign the connectors to accurately fit 1/4″ and 1/2″ PVC pipe, and hope to provide these versions in the near future.  In any event, let us know of your interest by emailing us at:

or call us at:


Having interested customers will assist in getting the connector modifications under way.

By the way, these would make a great Holiday Gift!

Building the Pyramids

Once you have the proper connectors and pipe, building the pyramid is relatively straightforward.  The Giza pyramid is nearly equilateral, with the lateral/apical pieces approximately 5% shorter than the base pieces, whereas the differential is more dramatic for the Russian pyramid.  A included size guide assists you in making the proper lengths for both the base and apical pieces.

Cutting the PVC pipe is relatively easy with a standard blade saw or coping saw. I actually used a jeweler’s saw with a relatively coarse blade.  No matter how you do it, the sawing process should not take more than a few minutes.

An additional step you may wish to take is to remove the lettering printed on almost all PVC pipe.  This is accomplished by applying common rubbing alcohol to a piece of steel wool and applying a little elbow grease.


The attached videos show you both the “how-to’s” of building the pyramids as well as a visual demonstration of the energy fields developed by the pyramids.

The key take-aways are as follows:

– both pyramids generate substantial amounts of universal, earth and cosmic energy, although the Russian pyramid generates substantially more earth energy than the Giza pyramid, which is probably why the Russian research has focused on this geometric pattern.

– the highest level of energy is found around the perimeter of the base of the pyramid.

– our cat immediately took to the Giza pyramid, and decided to take his nap right where the Lecher Antenna demonstrated the energy was at its peak!

 -We would generally suggest the Russian pyramid for your first project (subject to the Meditation and Health Advisory below).

Meditation and Health Advisory

Although we didn’t mention this in the video, there is research indicating the energy of the Russian pyramid is 10 to 20 times stronger than the Giza pyramid.  This research is supported by the additional energy found using the Lecher Antenna. Therefore, we recommend very short pyramid sessions, as prolonged periods inside the pyramid could have a negative impact on physical and psychological health.

Further Videos and Research

We will be doing future videos to demonstrate the impact of pyramid energy on various objects.  Send us your ideas and we will attempt to incorporate them into future videos.

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