About Us

About Us

A passion for water is something I only acquired fairly recently.  For many years I worked on Wall Street in New York City and elsewhere, having played prominent roles in the development of a number of significant financing structures, including mortgage-backed securities (yes, the thing that brought the world down in 2008!). In the early days I really enjoyed my career. However, with the continued decline of Wall Street values, it became clear it was time for change.

So, several years ago, when it was time to move closer to my children, I did not pursue another job on Wall Street, and started listening to my heart.

My interest in water was initiated through my best friend, a holistic dentist and medical naturopath.  Once I began to research water myself and see in-depth the enormous potential drinking the best water available holds for the improvement of each person’s healthcare, longevity and spiritual well being, I was hooked!

The immediate health benefits I experienced further fueled my interest.  Although I feel fortunate to have lived as long as I have without health complications, I immediately experienced a number of the health benefits Dr. Batmangheldij mentioned I would experience.

From the physical perspective, I was now a believer!

Water is just as important spiritually as it is physically – “As above, so below”!  So, just as structured water will provide significant physical health benefits to users, the improved connection with Source/God/Infinite Intelligence, the increased depth of meditative states achievable, and the ability of structured water to aid in clearing negative thought patterns and belief systems will bring even more significant changes for those interested in improving those aspects of their lives.  I have personally experienced all these benefits, and can attest to the positive changes that have come about as a result.  As quantum physicist Nassim Haramein recently said, “Water is the telephone to the Field”.

My goal is to provide guidance and counsel on the many physical and spiritual benefits of structured water to as many people as wish to learn.  Although I will be continuously expanding the information available,  for now, and always, please feel free to contact me with questions or comments you have about anything to do with water.  I particularly would like to hear how you think I can make this a better resource of information for seekers of knowledge.

As you can well imagine, funding for water research is hard to come by.  Pharmaceutical and traditional medical interests receive no financial reward from producing an actual healing in patients, and since the healing potential of water is so enormous, there is a genuine hesitancy by academics to pursue water research, which is why so much of the research has not been performed by Americans.  I personally applaud Dr. Gerald Pollack, who is virtually the only current American academic actually doing research on water.  His book, “The Fourth Phase of Water”, is a great read, and I recommend it highly.

Ultimately, we must all take personal responsibility for our own health, and I will do whatever I can to assist you with the information you need to make the important decisions regarding the water you drink.  As Dr. Joe Dispenza states:

“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.”

Best of health!